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Boarding Action: WIP
June 15, 2014

For the past couple of months I've been actively developing a top-down action/stealth game called Boarding Action. The content will be a mix of handmade and procedural. I've described the game's premise to others as a mashup of the things I love from Hotline Miami, Rogue, Deus Ex, and Grand Theft Auto. Er, in space. That sounds nonsensical, so maybe this is more helpful:

Boarding Action is about sneaking or fighting your way aboard space ships of varying sizes and firepower (depending on your inclination between piloting, say, a low-profile fighter or a massive battlecruiser that half the system can detect) in order to accomplish missions for different factions.

Current Status: you can board ships through their (doorless) airlocks, gun down foes that don't shoot back, and get hopelessly lost in the endless vacuum of space.

Pixel Butler
May 8, 2014

Inspired by devi ever's game jam, the #lowrezjam, I developed and released a Javascript library that emulates a simple NxM RGB framebuffer for quick low-res gamedev:

A low-level framebuffer simulator in HTML5 Canvas for making ultra low-res games.

Since its release it's seen a ton of improvements and contributions from the community.

Nab it on GitHub (pixelbutler)!

May 5, 2014

A collection of game idea mockups for devi ever's game jam:

Make a game that has an effective screen resolution of only 32x32.

The Deed is Done: WIP
January 18, 2014

The Deed is Done is a small 2-4 player party game where each player takes on a role (Protector or Assassin) secret from the other players. Players try to protect or assassinate the VIP (respectively). Coming soon to a Windows/OSX/Linux box near you.

The Deed is being written using Java and the most excellent libgdx.

Web Nomad: Running 'round the Web
April 7, 2013

Work in progress. I'm developing a small multiplayer shoot-em-up game where the game world is.. well.. the corpus of all websites on the internet.

Sling around sites with your trusty ninja rope and follow links to jump between pages! Whee!

Tuesday August 27, 2013

This summer's Ludum Dare theme was 10 seconds. My mission was clear: a top-down 2-player deathmatch involving swords and rockets.

TRUSTY SWORD is about two space combatants: one armed with a TRUSTY SWORD, and the other with a ROCKET LAUNCHER. The twist? The combatants exchange weapons every 10 seconds, like some sort of sick, twisted game of cat and mouse. Sheesh.

The future, right? Those weirdos.

TRUSTY SWORD vs ROCKET LAUNCHER was written in 72 hours, from scratch, in C++ on Linux, using the Allegro game library. I managed a Windows port before the compo ended, but didn't get around to an OS X version this time. cfxr for sfx, and GIMP for art.

Download from!

HTML5 & WebSockets experiment: Alien Grit
Sunday August 5, 2012

Over the course of the last month I've been developing a prototype for a game called Alien Grit, written entirely in Javascript, utilizing HTML5 Canvas (via Cocos2D-JS) and WebSockets (via Socket.IO).

Alien Grit will draw on both social and action elements, focusing on the conflicts that arise between players in an environment with scarce resources and dangerous aliens roaming about.

I've constructed the beginnings of a development journal here.

There is a playable demo here.

Ludum Dare 22: Alone in the Rain
Friday December 23, 2011

I decided that I would enter Ludum Dare this year. The theme was alone. I made a game about refrigerators falling from the sky. It's a physics-based platformer called, "Alone in the Rain".

The game was ranked 3rd in the Humour category, 15th in Fun, and 37th overall.

Alone in the Rain was written in 72 hours, from scratch, in C++, using the Allegro game library and the powerful Chipmunk physics library. I had enough time at the end of the compo to port the game from OS X to Windows and Linux as well! cfxr was used to produce the delicious 8-bit sound effects. GIMP was used to create all of the art assets.

Download from!

GunDown Live on the App Store!
Wednesday August 17, 2011

After an incredible year and a half of hard work, GunDown is now up and live on the iOS App Store!

Huge thanks go out to Dean Yeats for his music and pixel art, and Kristina Foster for her gorgeous backgrounds and title art!

You can visit the GunDown website here:

GunDown Nearing Completion
Thursday March 10, 2011

GunDown is nearing completion! Below is yet another screenshot showcasing some of Kristina Foster's lovely background art, as well as the excessive particle effects for missiles.

Also new: a Twitter widget near the bottom of the main page.


Gundown updates!
Tuesday November 2, 2010

Fast forward several months later, and development on Gundown is still progressing steadily. It's amazing what a difference professional-calibre artwork has on the look and feel of a game. With fingers crossed, I'm hoping to have the game completed by the end of November!


iPhone Game 'Gundown': Nearing completion
Friday May 14, 2010

Development on my small iPhone game project has been progressing nicely. Read more about the development process in my development journal (on the left sidebar)!


iPhone Game Development
Friday March 19, 2010

For a little more than the last month or so I have been getting my hands nice and dirty in the world of iPhone game development. More specifically, I've been leveraging the recently-ported SDL library as a base to construct a 2D engine that I can use to port some of my computer games to the mobile platform. I'm having a few second thoughts about having had chosen to write it in Objective-C rather than vanilla C, since Objective-C isn't exactly oozing with portability.


EM Adventures Added
Saturday December 12, 2009

Although developed and completed a little over a year ago, I've only just now taken the time to add EM Adventures, a small physics-based game developed in the space of 24 hours in a game development competition at the University of Waterloo.

New Autumn Theme & In-Development Links
Monday September 28, 2009

I created a simple Autumn theme for the website, and more importantly there are now links (soon to be pages) for my two in-development projects, Cyberspawn and Skirmish Online.

Cyberspawn Development Gallery
Wednesday March 25, 2009

Some of my time recently has been going into a medium-sized cyberpunk shooter project, Cyberspawn. I have put up a small, minimalistic development gallery that will be updated periodically as it progresses.

Skirmish Online
Sunday February 03, 2009

Skirmish Online, an (ambitious) overhead multiplayer shooter project, now finally has a website. Check it out over at:

Also, in the spirit of a new year and a new season (Spring!), I have changed the colour scheme to a more greeny motif.

New development journal location.
Thursday September 11, 2008

My development journal has made the move to its new home.

Remember to update your RSS feeds and bookmarks. :)

Website in prime-time.
Sunday May 19th, 2008

All of the remaining items on the left side-bar have been filled out, complete with descriptions, screenshots and downloads.

Article finished, and website online.
Sunday January 20th, 2008

After many formatting-related woes, my new article has been added to the site. Additionally, I've finally put the site online for public consumption. Not all of the pages here are written yet, but most of the important stuff is up to look at.

Website just about online.
Monday December 17th, 2007

Things are looking well. All of the links are set up now on the left sidebar how I want them, and the colour scheme feels pretty consistant. Just a matter of filling the aforementioned links with content before putting the site online.

I'm particularly fond of the mini-icons for each of the 'Completed Games' on the sidebar.

Website in development.
Sunday December 16th, 2007

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